golf 2

We have a wonderful GOLF LEAGUE which consist of over 800 members assigned to the five divisions. Four of the divisions play on Monday and one division plays on Thursday. The price for each course includes green fees and cart rentals for the day. The price for course ranges from $30 to $45 which averages to $38 per play.

If you are interested in the INDIAN RIVER SENIOR CENTER GOLF you will have to do the following:

  • Join the IRSC by completing our membership application on the membership page. Please mail back to the center with your dues of $37.00
  • You will be placed on the waiting list for the up and coming golf season
  • At the end of each year the divisions will pick from the list depending on which day you would like to play


Thirty-seven plays are scheduled on the twenty-two courses located in Delaware and Maryland, all within a 50-mile radius of IRSC. Courses are selected by their availability and by the priority ratings from the teams.


League starts in March and ends in November. All divisions play the same courses just on different dates. All plays are shot gun starts


The five divisions are North, East, South, West, and Central. The Central plays on Thursday, all others play on Mondays. Number of players per division varies from 150 to 175


This is a mixed fun league having two competition divisions, the others play their own game for fun.


All divisions schedules an end of year get together for dinner, prize distribution and for bragging rights.


Once one becomes an IRSC member, he or she will be placed on a golf waiting list. Make sure that you identify a division that you’re interested in joining on your application. When openings occur, you will be contacted by the Division Director needing players. If the Decision is made to play in that division, you will be removed from the waiting list and assigned to that division placed on the sub list or be assigned to a team needing a player at the request from a team captain


Commitment: One has to play at least ten plays yearly in order to stay assigned to a division.