Policies and Procedures

Our Vision

The Indian River Senior Center vision is to promote the well-being of anyone 50 and older. This is accomplished through programs that are designed to encourage involvement in the center, by members and those in the community, and to help support individual independence. The Center seeks to provide a comfortable, pleasant, enjoyable, interactive, positive and safe environment for everyone. The Center does understand and recognize that there may be some behaviors that may or distract from the positive environment established here. If any disruption occurs to the Center’s goals, action will be taken to resolve and any problems. This could result in the revoking of membership.

Please abide by these rules while at the Center:

Our membership is limited, by the site resources and available space, to those individuals who are self-mobile, with or without the use of walkers, canes, wheelchairs, or motorized vehicles. Members must also be able to make appropriate decisions, have clean appearance, self-toileting, and adequate hygiene to participate in the daily activities at the Center.

No member shall mistreat, either verbally, emotionally or physically any member or staff. This includes harassing or bullying comments of any nature, including sexual or racial. There will be zero tolerance to any kind of violence physical, emotional or verbal. This will result in the immediate expulsion from the Center and termination of membership.

The Center promotes and encourages diversity. Any separation of members based on mental or physical disability, sex, nation of origin, sexual orientation, color, race, or religion will not be tolerated.

No alcohol use is permitted in the Center or on the property during regular Center hours. This does not apply when the Center is rented for a private gathering. Use of any illegal drugs is never permitted at the Center.

The rooms in the Center are for the use of the all the membership. They are never for exclusive use of any member or members. Care and respect for the areas used is expected by all members.

Use of abusive, profane, or vulgar language will not be tolerated at any time or under any circumstance.

If a member has an issue with another member, a program, method of Center operation or staff person, the concern should be brought to the attention of the Director to bring about a resolution to the issue.

Criminal acts of any kind committed by any member will result immediate termination of membership from the Center.